Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello again

It's been a long time since I've posted here.  That's partly because I've just been busy with life and partly because I've moved to a new location.  You can continue to follow our journey at


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday morning

Monday again after a tired weekend. I think all the travelling and busy summer caught up with us, or at least me, this weekend and I was feeling pretty wiped for most of it. Saturday was busy with Faith's first day of Chinese school for this year and a birthday party for Kevin's nephew Cameron - what a cutie! He certainly loved all the truck and car gifts that he got! We took it pretty easy yesterday though.

I think we're starting to get into the swing of things here now. Faith is taking the bus to school this year and that was a big step for both of us. Especially since last Friday, the bus drove right by me as I was waiting for Faith to be dropped off. What a feeling, to watch your child being driven away and having no control over where she is going. After my initial panic and desire to run home and call the school, I remembered that Faith is not allowed to get off the bus unless I am there waiting for her and so I stopped to regroup. Once I paused, I could hear the bus making it's way around the block and coming back and my stomach returned to where it belonged and my heart rate started to slow down and then there was the bus and there was Faith happily getting off, clueless to anything unusual happening and rather annoyed that the bus went right by her street and didn't let her off there!

I didn't share my panic with Faith but I did ask her if she noticed anything unusual or if she said anything once the bus went by her usual stop. She answered no to both and I am still debating how I want to address this with her. The bus driver was just filling in and corrected his mistake and the school and school board work very hard to make sure everything is safe for the children and so, I will think about this some more and figure out the best way to say what I want to say to Faith with out going too far for her.

I did send her off on the bus again this morning and the regular bus driver seems quite nice and quite together so, even though I will likely be a little more anxious than usual this afternoon, I'm sure it will go ok... It's just one more of those things you can't forsee when you decide to become a parent.... Of all the moments you envision, watching your little girl being driven away on a big yellow school bus instead of being returned to you is definitely not one of them!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's September Already?

Where did the summer go? Oh, right, after the great parental rescue, Faith and I headed to Ireland for 2.5 weeks with my mostly recovered Dad and brother Alan for my cousin John's wedding and so that Faith and my relatives could meet each other. Then we came home for some summer time with lots of trips to the local pool, play dates with Danny from across the street, a visit to Ottawa and a week long visit from my parents and Alan while I went on retreat (it took 3 of them to replace me!). Then it was time for school to start and after 2 days we had enough and headed for Vancouver and my brother Declan's wedding, some visiting with him and Christie and some sightseeing! Now we're back. I have found my desk, my chair and my computer and it seems I have also found my blog!

Happy September everyone!


Monday, June 07, 2010

Thanks to Edson, Alberta!

While my mom and Dad were on their great adventure with their new pop-up trailer, my Dad had some serious health issues. They were stopped in the
Town of Edson on their way from Jasper to Edmonton when they decided to seek medical attention and Dad ended up staying in the Edson & District Hospital:

for a week. It was a long week for everyone; for Dad being so sick, for Mom, caring for him in unfamiliar territory and for the rest of us being so far away and not knowing how to help.

Thankfully, Dad received excellent care at the hospital and my Mom was really taken care of by the community of Edson, starting with the truly wonderful staff of the Super 8 Motel in Edson, her new home away from home! The staff were very helpful and caring even helping my Mom unhook the trailer so that she could drive around town without it attached to the car and then putting it back together for us when it was time to leave.

There was also a Catholic Church just across the street from the hospital, Sacred Heart:

The parish priest and pastoral minister were very kind to my Mom. The pastoral minister took my Mom out for coffee one morning, just for a chat, which was really nice. There was also the helpful book store lady, who my mom, being my mom, met on several occasions and who she found had a very good listening ear and friendly way.

It was so good for me to hear that there were so many helpful and supportive people surrounding my parents when they were in need of them. It made it just that little bit easier being so far away.

I did fly out to Edmonton and with the help of my good friend Giselle, get a ride out to Edson so that I could drive the folks back to Edmonton and then stay with her family

for a night before flying back to Toronto to be met by an ecstatic Faith and relieved Kevin who then drove us all the way to my parents home. In the meantime, my younger brother, Declan and his fiance Christie

flew from Vancouver to Edmonton and were met by Christie's brother until we arrived and then they drove the car and trailer all the way back to my parents home and my older brother, Alan, got in supplies and made doctor's appointments in readiness for when my parents got back at home.

It was a cast of many that helped return our family to normal including the people of Edson, my friends and Christie's brother in Edmonton, all our family and friends that kept us in their hearts and prayers and even ourselves, I guess. It is so good to know that not only can our family pull together to help each other out in times of need but that there are kind and helpful people out there in the world that are willing to lend a hand when it is needed. So often we hear of the stories when people are unwilling to help. This is not one of those stories. So, I say thank you to everyone that helped us along the way!


Monday, May 17, 2010

A somewhat normal afternoon

Last week was a little crazy. Mom and Dad's great out west adventure became much more adventurous than any of us anticipated and Dad is currently recovering from some health issues in a very helpful but far away hospital. Last week was a week of phone calls, e-mails and worrying but Dad is steadily recovering and I will be flying out to be with them and help them back home later this week.

After such a rollercoaster week, it was good that we had nothing much planned for the weekend. We all got our hair cut on Saturday (and we all look pretty good, thank you!) and we had a nice dinner out and then yesterday:

Kevin decided to take up our brick walkway and lay it back down again:
(since a lot of it heaved during some very heavy rain last week)

and Faith decided to work on her skipping while dressed up in her Doggie costume:

just a regular Sunday afternoon, right?


p.s. - who gave the 6 year old a hammer?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Prickly Legs

The other day Faith was sitting on the floor leaning against my legs. She rubbed one of my legs gently and then let me know that she and her little school friends have been talking about their mom's legs recently.....

and how prickly they are.


One of the kids mentioned is the former principals son.